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Down with nicknames!

Examples of how to eliminate nicknames and restore words to their proper form:

  • Just don’t call me by my nicholas-name; I hate it!

  • From our jungle camp-site we could hear the distant beating of a thomas-thomas.

  • I don’t know what that means; I’ll have to look it up in the richardtionary.

  • If I could find the right lawyer, I’d susan him for all he’s worth.

  • You won’t find me jason-walking in that town; they fine you for the most ridiculous infractions.

  • I told him he could william me for the balance.

  • Preparing for a night on the town, I took my cane, donalded my fedora, and went out.

  • You can see how he managed that scheme; just connect the dorothies.

  • I’ll be franklin with you: you’ve made a mess of it.

  • I gave the stephenadore my trunk to carry on board.

  • It was last janetuary when I first met him.

  • Last year the four of us took a trek into the High Andrews.

  • It was the middle of a summer’s day, and you could hear the catherinedids trilling in the trees.

  • A penelope for your thoughts, my dear.

  • Don’t fight it, my friend; just go with the florence.

  • Well, arthur for arthur’s sake, I always say.

  • This Halloween we’re going to go to the party next door and robert for apples.

  • I don’t find his argument very convincenting.

  • Arrgh! Last night I got a charles-horse on the basketball court.

  • Harvard is the best edwarducation that money can buy.

  • They say that lemmings commit suicide by running off the cliffords and falling into the sea.

  • That’s a valeriuable necklace you’re wearing.

  • I love the San Francisco trolivers.

  • Thanks for inviting us to your new daughter’s christopherning.

  • You know what they say, leslie is more.

  • Winifred-the-Pooh was my favorite childhood book; it’s a shame what Disney did to it.

  • Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who elizabetherated the slaves?

  • Let’s sit here and relax; the children can go play on the jungle-james.

  • He’s really got a beatrice in his bonnet over what they’re charging these days.

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