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   A lifelong interest in words, their origins and uses, and how they can be arranged to make good fun and good stories or essays, are the basis for my website.

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   El día y la noche, el día y la noche siempre. ¿No habrá nunca nada más? Acaso me volvía el mismo confuso deseo de que alguna vez, al despertarme, no hallara solamente el día y la noche, sino algo nuevo, deslumbrante y doloroso. Algo como un agujero por donde escapar de la vida.           --- Ana María Matute, Primera Memoria (1960)

   Night and day, night and day forever. Won’t there ever be anything more? The same confused desire came back to me: the desire that I might find, upon awakening, not merely the night and day, but rather something new, bewildering and painful. Something like a hole through which I might escape from life.   --- [School of the Sun, translation by Elaine Kerrigan]




Recent and Current reading

  • Rabindranath Tagore, The Home and the World (1915, 1916) – a novel of ideas: about women and men, idealism and reality,  tradition and modernity 

  • Short Story: May Sinclair, “The Victim” (1923) – a unique ghost story


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