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   A lifelong interest in words, their origins and uses, and how they can be arranged to make good fun and good stories or essays, are the basis for my website.

   To see the fun part, please click on the “Fun-With-Words” Blog page above.

   When I come up with an idea for an essay, a story, or a fairy tale, I add it to the appropriate page above.

   There’s also a fairy tale that can be purchased in book form (see the “Fairy Tale” page).

   The “Memorable Sentences” and the “Recent and Current Reading” below are mostly for my friends who wonder what I’m up to these days.

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Latest postings: August 4 and August 6, 2022

"A Piece of Melted Glass"

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 “. . . . . magnificent, beautiful, stupendous, and terrifying . . . . . Thirty seconds after the explosion came first, the air blast pressing hard against the people and things, to be followed almost immediately by the strong, sustained awesome roar which warned of doomsday and made us feel that we puny things were blasphemous to dare tamper with the forces heretofore reserved to The Almighty.”    --- Brigadier General Thomas F. Farrell, describing the successful test of the atomic bomb on July 16, 1945.


 “Behind their screen of leaves they two sat sheltered and conversant, looking out to where, beyond the village, the country fell away into the hot blue distance of June, and cooled by a faint wind that crept toward them through a rustle and glitter of leaves from hay-fields and the heavy shade of elders.”
                               --- Elizabeth Bowen, “Lunch” (1923)




Recent and Current reading

  • History: Gar Alperovitz, The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb (1996) 

  • Short Story: Edgar Allan Poe, “Lygeia” (1836)


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