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   A lifelong interest in words, their origins and uses, and how they can be arranged to make good fun and good stories, are the basis for my website.

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   When (occasionally) I come up with an idea for a story, I write it down and add it to the “Stories” page. These stories are also fun, some of them.

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"The Good Town"

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“Later Bertrand appears and shows us his library with its extraordinary collection of antique volumes, which his mother bequeathed him after her death. He was very close to his mother: now she has become these books that stand in her son’s room, with their densely typed pages and faded beautiful spines; these motionless creatures that rest finished on their shelves while day and night come and go at the window, beating like soft waves against their buried knowledge.” – Rachel Cusk, The Last Supper (2009)  




Recent and Current reading

  • Travel: Rachel Cusk, The Last Supper: a Summer in Italy​ (2009) . . . just an account of travels in Italy, but as usual her prose cuts slits in the curtain that separates the mind from reality.


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