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   A lifelong interest in words, their origins and uses, and how they can be arranged to make good fun and good stories or essays, are the basis for my website.

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Latest posting: August 29, 2021

"Jenny & Hop"

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"A Custom-Made Shirt"

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  “I suggested that he should write out the whole affair from beginning to end, knowing that ink might assist him to ease his mind. When little boys have learned a new bad word they are never happy till they have chalked it up on a door. And this also is Literature.”   – Rudyard Kipling, The Phantom Rickshaw (1888)       




Recent and Current reading

  • Vladimir Nabokov, Pnin (1953) – a novel about immigration and memory 

  • Short Story: Kingsley Amis, “Dear Illusion” (1955) – a literary love story like no other


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